Evidence preservation in truck accidents

Why is evidence preservation important in truck accident cases?

Why is evidence preservation so important in truck accident cases?

Truck Accident Lawyer, Grant Lawson, answers this question in this blog post.

Making sure evidence is preserved in trucking accident cases is crucial.  Right off the bat, you’ve gotta know what was going on and why this accident happened.  And it starts with going back in time and leading all the way up to the time of the accident and there’s pieces of the accident and pieces of the puzzle that we can only get form certain things such as getting the black box downloaded from the truck

Getting driver’s logs about what the driver had been doing for a number of days up until the time of the accident. Whether there is any electronic data such as cell phones, tablets, laptops. Electronic data also includes cameras.  Were there any cameras installed in the truck

There’s going to be maintenance issues that come up – whether or not there’s maintenance records.  There’s going to be a lot of different types of evidence – photographs, physical damage to the truck and trailer itself, the vehicles themselves, etc…

There’s a lot that goes into it. Over time, that evidence can disappear it can degrade, and it’s crucial that the first thing your attorney does is send out that letter forcing the trucking companies, insurance companies to hold on to all that evidence and info and get your investigators out there, getting that info so you can collect it and start building why, putting the puzzle together as to why this happened.

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