Wife Witnesses Death Of Motorcycle Officer

The wife of an off-duty police officer was witness to his fatal motorcycle accident at they travelled home from a motorcycle club Christmas party.

Balch Springs, Texas, police officer Matthew Garcia died when he crashed his motorcycle into a retaining wall in the Dallas Canyon. The impact ejected the 35-year-old man 25 feet through the air to land below the entrance ramp on the shoulder of the road.

Garcia’s wife witnessed the accident.

“The bike just started, we call it walking, the handle bars just started shaking and you could tell he was trying to turn it,” said Toni. “He just he was there and then he wasn’t and so when I stopped my car and looked over the edge I saw him on the shoulder of the highway. I kept looking and he wasn’t moving.”

Garcia died after at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas from his injuries.

The couple were heading home from a motorcycle club Christmas party for police officers when the accident occurred. Toni wants people to know that Matthew was not drinking.

She said that trip home from the party was the first time in years she had not been on the back of the motorcycle. Matthew had told her to take the car so her hair would not get messed up.

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