Will 2018 See More Recalls for Auto Defects?

Car accidents and virtual reality are about to collide

Car accidents and virtual reality are about to collide

Did 2017 seem to have a lot of auto recalls going on? Well, it wasn’t your imagination. Automakers all across the industry were asking consumers to bring their vehicles in to fix some problem or another. Whether it was a faulty seatbelt switch or a malfunctioning airbag sensor, cars all over the U.S. (including Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska) were called in to get repairs. That leaves us all with just one question, how many auto defects could cause recalls in 2018?

Will Auto Defects Rule 2018?

If you are hoping that auto recalls will slow down in 2018, then you probably aren’t going to like what we are about to say. It looks like 2018 is on track to be just as busy when it comes to recalls as 2017 was. This is due to increasing standards at automakers and a need to avoid liability for any big defects. Some recent recalls have been costly for automakers, and a December spike in recalls may just be a sign of the new status quo.

Takata Recall

This recall is the largest in automotive history, and though it has been chugging along for a few years now, it is still quite active. It’s estimated that only 43 percent of the 69 million defective Takata airbag inflators have been remedied. That leaves millions more still on the market, and with Honda’s announcement that a 20th Takata-related fatality has been discovered, this recall is still important in 2018.

Chrysler Recall

In recent memory, Chrysler has gotten a black eye over its recalls. A defective shifter design led to the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, and FCA is being investigated for a diesel scandal similar to VW’s Dieselgate. This history makes the automaker’s most recent recall hurt even more. It was revealed that the company’s Ram pick-ups have a shifter defect that could allow these vehicles to shift out of park, even when the foot brake is not engaged or the key is not in the ignition.

Ford Recall

In December, Ford received a surprise. The company is being investigated by the NHTSA concerning its F-150, Mustang, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models. A downshifting issue that was identified in 2016, causing a recall, is rearing its ugly head again as over 100 complaints for downshift issues have been reported to the NHTSA. If the consumer watchdog finds that something continues to be wrong with these vehicles, Ford could be asked to recall them again in 2018.

Auto defects can hurt you and your family, and that is why it is important to stay up to date on any recalls that might affect your vehicle. If you suspect that such a defect could be responsible for an auto accident that you and your family suffered, the best solution may be contacting an attorney. A products liability attorney has the resources to investigate whether a vehicle crashed due to a defect.

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