Will Driverless Cars Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

Automakers are developing cars with sensors capable of avoiding other motorists, pedestrians and obstacles. Many riders might be curious if this will affect our safety on the road. Driverless cars are still many years away, but this could become an important topic of discussion in the near future.

Although several automakers are researching and testing self-driving vehicles, we will use Google as an example since its driverless cars are widely known. Google’s driverless cars are still years away from being used by consumers, but the test vehicles are already outfitted with sonar devices, lasers that measure distance, digital maps, radar and stereo cameras. All of these systems work in unison to help the vehicle avoid obstacles as small as cyclists and pedestrians from 100 feet away.

Driverless Cars Can Spot Motorcycles More Effectively than Drivers

If driverless cars are capable of avoiding smaller moving objects than motorcycles, it is possible the high-tech vehicles will contribute to our safety as riders. A major cause of motorcycle accidents is other motorists failing to see us in time. Google’s LIDAR system can see us from 100 feet away.

However, there are people who are less optimistic that driverless cars will be able to avoid accidents, at least for now. Driverless cars still need to be tested in unmapped areas and during poor weather. Another technological hurdle will be getting the vehicles to work in areas without GPS.

It is still too early to tell how driverless cars will impact motorcycle safety, but it always makes for an interesting discussion. Until more testing can be done to determine the effectiveness of these vehicles, it is mostly speculation.

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