Will Encana Pay for Allegedly Ruining Colorado Hunting Ranch?

Colorado is known for its natural beauty. It is the source of a lot of state pride, tourism and many livelihoods. So, when the natural beauty of our state is endangered, you can bet there are going to be consequences. Now an oil company—Encana—might be on the hook for ruining a Colorado hunting ranch.

Did Encana Ruin a Colorado Hunting Ranch?

In June 2016, a leak was discovered in a pipeline managed by Encana subsidiary Hunter Ridge Energy Services LLC. This leak reportedly contaminated surface and spring water as well as plant life and the soil. It was this contamination that led Bishop Ranch LLC to file a lawsuit in Rio Blanco County.

A big game ranch owned by Bishop was in the path of this leak, and according to the landowners, it cost them $5 million. That’s because the company was preparing to sell the property, but once the contamination was discovered, the deal allegedly went up in smoke.

Now the company claims the land is forever ruined, and it wants economic compensation. The plaintiffs argue that Encana didn’t have the right people with knowledge of safety and security working on the pipeline due to budget cutbacks and reduced personnel. The ranch owners are demanding damages for the lost real estate sale and environmental damage.

Encana claims to be at work cleaning up the damage from the leak, but otherwise will not comment on the case. The real question is, was other land affected by the toxic spill? Will more Colorado landowners come forward to pursue compensation for their damaged lands? This is one case the Colorado personal injury attorneys here at Metier Law Firm will keep a close eye on.