Will We Ever Get To Ride Harley’s LiveWire?

In 2014, we were shocked when Harley-Davidson announced that its designers had developed an electric motorcycle, and it was a self-proclaimed superbike at that. Looking like an old flat-tracker thrown into a wind-tunnel, this bike has no exhaust, no gearbox, no clutch, and no signature Harley v-twin engine—Sacrilege! However, it is now 2016, and we have yet to see this green-age hog on the streets…

Will We Ever Get To Ride Harley’s LiveWire?Photo of a motorcyclist

Scarlett Johansson now has more cred than a lot of Harley riders. She and a few stunt men and women got the chance to ride Harley’s version of the secret spy plane. The LiveWire was featured in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, where it got to shine like a superhero alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

“We saw this as an opportunity to build awareness about the technology, and a wonderful catalyst to move our industry forward in a positive way,” Harley’s director of US marketing, Dino Bernacchi, told the Los Angeles Times, and it’s no wonder that the manufacturer would be looking into the electric end of the motorcycle market.

Ever since electric motorcycles raced during the 2011 MotoGP weekend at Laguna Seca, crowds have been stunned by their power and speed. Some of those bikes come within seconds of their gas-driven cousins. However, e-bikes have short-ranges and lack the classic motorcycle rumble, but recent years have seen an increase in volt-mileage and popularity.

Makes like Honda, KTM, and BMW are all playing catch up to manufacturers like Zero, Brammo and Energica. Now Harley has joined the rush to development, but will we see this bike on the roads any time soon? There are many hardcore riders who aren’t happy about the direction toward e-bikes. Are you one of them? Do you think electric motorcycles have a future, or are they just a fad? Log onto our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know what you think.

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