Will Football Leagues Prevent Brain Injury Victims From Playing?

Traumatic brain injuries can spell the end of a career for many football players. Due to the high contact nature of the game, players suffer repeated concussions and brain injuries that can carry serious long-term consequences. Football players who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or post-concussion syndrome experience impaired attention, memory loss and an inability to regulate emotions. Families of those who suffer traumatic brain injuries often report long-term personality changes in the victims. Thankfully, football organizations are taking steps towards preventing traumatic brain injury victims from playing.

According to Fox Sports News, quarterback Colt Brennan, who played with the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Kiss, has been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. He is currently meeting with a neurologist in Honolulu to see “if football is really over,” he said. Brennan was the passenger in a car accident that left him immobilized for eight days with head and collarbone injuries. After the accident, he was permitted to continue playing football; however, a recent physical raised some “major concerns about me playing football,” said Brennan. “I was medically not cleared to play.”

It is a good sign that football organizations are preventing players with brain injuries from continuing to play, because the long-term costs can be staggering. Often, traumatic brain injury victims need psychotherapy and physical therapy for years following their injuries. Sadly, the financial burden usually falls on the victim’s families, but we at the Metier Law Firm, LLC will not let you shoulder that burden alone.

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