Will New Motorcycle Technology Save Lives?

BMW has created some futuristic concepts to help keep motorcyclists safe. The Advanced Safety Concept motorcycle design uses next generation technologies to help riding enthusiasts avoid a worst-case scenario.

Communication systems integrated into the bike can detect emergencies and use GPS to locate riders that have come off their bikes. Having a way to find someone who has fallen off their motorcycle could help riders get medical attention very quickly if they are in an accident.

BMW’s line of new bikes may also be able to read surrounding conditions and auto-set suspension to minimize traction. Features like headlights that are capable of looking around corners will increase visibility and make it easier for riders to see better as they travel around curves.

Motorcycle accidents often involve other vehicles violating the right-of-way or failing to see a rider.  New technology that can avoid fatal crash scenarios are immensely helpful and will possibly succeed in their goal of saving lives.

Additional Tips for Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

  • Visibility is always a concern when riding, so avoid lingering in blind spots. If you can see a driver through their mirror, they have a better chance of seeing you. Always remember to be cautious of blind spots when passing cars.
  • There are plenty of unsafe drivers on the road, so be sure to leave some distance ahead of you and give yourself space to maneuver if you run into trouble.
  • In poorly lit areas, you can stay visible to other drivers by wearing reflective or bright gear.

Metier Law Firm is an avid supporter of the motorcycle community. We understand the risks that riders face, and we know that often accidents are not your fault. If another driver has injured you, reach out to us so we can help.

Did You Know?: 46 percent of all motorcycle crashes occur at intersections.

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