Will Smarter Cars Mean Fewer Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents occur frequently, because other drivers are not paying careful enough attention to what is happening around them. Failure to see someone on a motorcycle is a top contributor to accidents, but accidents of this nature may soon cease to exist. New technology will make cars smarter and more aware of surroundings, and that will be a good thing for motorcycle riders everywhere.

Blind spot detection (BSD), sensors and other crash avoidance technologies are already in use and being improved upon annually. Blind spot detection will detect if your blinker is on, and give an audible warning about changing lanes if a vehicle is in a car’s blind spot. Auto-manufacturers like Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, Audi and Honda currently use BSD.

Self-Driving Cars May Greatly Reduce Motorcycle Accidents

As technology continues to improve the performance and safety of cars, motorcycle riders will likely see a drop in the number of fatalities and serious injuries. Self-driving cars are still a decade away from popular use, but their safety record during testing shows that they have the potential to eliminate distraction related car accidents.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics gathered over the last several decades show that close to 90 percent of car accidents are caused by human error. An array of cameras, sensors and computers has shown a greater capacity to avoid potential accidents. In 2012, Google’s self-driven car logged 300,000 miles without a single accident.

As technology continues to progress and make cars safer, motorcycle riders will not have to worry as much about human error.

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Consumer Reports, a very popular consumer watchdog agency, has released its opinion on the future of self-driving cars. It can be found on its website.