Will You Be Watching Ride With Norman Reedus?

Do you know who Norman Reedus is? If you don’t, you probably don’t watch much TV and you probably don’t follow The Walking Dead. This show is probably one of the biggest shows to hit television in the past ten years, and Norman Reedus plays the crossbow shooting, motorcycle riding zombie killer that many of the Walking Dead fans swoon over, but now Reedus is looking to ride his motorcycle into our hearts with his next big project for AMC.

Will You Be Watching Ride With Norman Reedus?iStock_000008965875Small

In October, AMC announced that they would be picking up a new series starring The Walking Dead’s crossbow shooting bad boy. The show will be called Ride with Norman Reedus, and it’s expected to premiere later this year. In each episode, Reedus and a special guest will ride to and explore famous motorcycling destinations. They will experience each location’s unique biker culture, and ride motorcycles all over the countryside (of course.) AMC has ordered six episodes of the show, and production seems to be ramping up.

Who Will Ride With Reedus?

The guests expected to be on the show are top secret as are the places that the riders are expected to explore, but considering that filming just started, we can probably expect the first episode to be in a location that has good riding year-round.

What Will They Ride?

Reedus has also revealed that he and his guests will be riding different bikes in each episode. He hints that the motorcycles they ride will be influenced by his guests’ personal riding preferences, and by the different terrains they will be exploring. Could this mean we will get to see both on-road and off-road riding?

Who will Reedus’ guests be? What bikes will they ride? Will the show come to Colorado for an episode or two? Keep following our motorcycle blog to find out.

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