William Shatner Motorcycle Ride To Benefit Veterans

William Shatner will take to the road on his three-wheeled motorcycle to spread awareness for veterans. Members of American Legion will join the famous former star of the television series Star Trek. American Legion is a national non-profit that offers help to veterans.

In addition to being escorted by a team of veterans, Shatner will be joined by American Wrench, a company known for building custom motorcycles.

The eight-day journey will take the 84-year-old actor around the United States on a 2,400-mile trip. Shatner’s motorcycle, the Rivet, is an unusual looking bike with an open cockpit and a V8 engine. The former Star Trek star collaborated with American Wrench to create the Rivet, which was modeled after the B-17 bomber.

According to details released by the press, the ride will take Shatner and his escorts from Chicago to Los Angeles. Throughout the journey, people can propose “missions” for Shatner, suggesting he visit certain localities or take part in specific activities. Television viewers will be able to catch an entire broadcast of the event and which “missions” Shatner takes on as he completes his journey.

How Does The William Shatner Motorcycle Ride Help Veterans?

Created in 1919, American Legion fundraises millions of dollars to benefit veterans and their families. Fundraising goes towards providing scholarship opportunities, housing and other comfort items. Creating awareness for the organization by riding around the country could help fundraising activities for veterans.

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