Winter Is Coming: Do You Know How To Store Your Bike?

Will Driverless Cars Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?Colorado is a beautiful state, especially for motorcycle riders. We have twisty roads, beautiful mountains, and natural beauty that any rider wouldn’t mind getting lost in—and then winter hits. Roads ice over, passes get covered in snow, and the temperature drops through the floor. Winter conditions in Colorado can keep the best of riders on the couch for months, but do you know how to store your bike during the offseason?

How To Store Your Bike

Any motorcycle expert will tell you that the first step to protecting your bike for winter storage is to get a bottle of fuel stabilizer and treat your fueling system. This involves following the instructions on the bottle and running your bike for a minute or two after treating your gas. This will keep brown varnish from building up during winter months, and it will keep you from having to clean out your carburetor and fuel hoses.

Also check to make sure your coolant won’t freeze. This may require you to put more antifreeze in the radiator, so pull out that service manual and see what type of antifreeze your machine takes and find out what your recommended levels are. While you’ve got that manual out, you may as well change your oil, too. Dirty oil can corrode engine parts, so changing the oil will help your bike purr when you start it up in the spring.

There are even more tips for storing your bike in the winter, so keep following our blog, Twitter and Facebook to see what else you can do to keep your bike in tip top shape for spring riding!

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