Winter Is Over And Bikers Are Back

The members of the motorcycle organization American Bikers Aimed Towards Education (ABATE) gathered outside the H. Lee Dennison Building in Suffolk recently to spread awareness about the coming flood of motorcyclists. Essentially, once winter clears out and spring rolls around, motorcyclists across the nation come out of hibernation and back on the roads.

“Our attempt is to try and get the message out to motorists that we’ll be on the roads,” said the president of the Long Island ABATE division. “Too many people don’t look for motorcycles, especially when turning.” Hopefully, the presence of over 400 bikers sent a clear message to motorists about roadway visibility. “People don’t watch out for us and we’re everywhere,” said another biker. “They have to share the roads with us.”

The gathering had the support of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Suffolk County Police Department and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. However, ABATE really needs the support of everyone sharing the road to take the time to look carefully for motorcyclists on the road.

“Hopefully, more people will pay attention,” said former Yankees outfielder and motorcycle enthusiast, Johnny Damon.

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[Did You Know: ABATE is currently lobbying to make May “Motorcycle Awareness Month.”]

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