Winter Maintenance Tips from Denver Injury Lawyers

Most bikers store their motorcycles around Thanksgiving and wait impatiently for the ice to thaw so we can bring them back out again. However, it is important to maintain your bike during the winter months; if you forget about winter maintenance, a broken or rusty component could cause a motorcycle accident when you bring your bike out of storage.

To keep your bike healthy in the offseason, here are a few motorcycle maintenance tips for the winter.

  • Check your tires. Before you go on the first ride, give your tires a once-over. Bikes that sit for a while tend to develop flat spots or lose air. A blown tire can turn deadly fast.
  • Check your fluids. On average, you can replace your brake fluid once every two years. Consider using DOT 5, which is less likely to cause corrosion. Do not forget about the transmission fluid, either. Consider changing it at 2,500 or 5,000 miles.
  • Check your lubrication. Keep the clutch cable, throttle cables and neck bearings well-lubricated.
  • Check your rear drive belt. The rear drive belt is a crucial component. Clean it with a rag and make sure it is not too tight, too loose or twisted.

Keep these tips in mind this winter while we wait for the next riding season. If you kept your bike in excellent shape and a faulty component led to a serious accident, we might be able to help you claim damages to help you recover. Call us at (866) 377-3800 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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