Winter Ridings Tips from Denver Motorcycle Lawyers

Most motorcycle riders in Colorado store their bikes for the winter. The frigid temperatures and slick roads are not the best conditions for riding. Still, some diehards keep their bikes active 12 months a year. Here are some tips to keep you and your bike safe this winter.

  • Assess the conditions. Dry roads on a clear day are fine conditions for riding. However, if you see lots of snow, ice or sleet, it is probably best to save the ride for another day. Drive slowly through snowy or icy streets. For bikers, riding on an icy road is like riding on a giant oil slick.
  • Dress appropriately. Pile on the layers if you decide to ride on a chilly day. At high speeds, cold air will find every gap in your clothing. Consider heating pads in boots and gloves for extra warmth.
  • Watch the road. Watch out for dark spots on the road – they could be potholes covered by a thin layer of ice. Be sure to drive defensively around other motorists. Drivers might not expect to see a biker between November and March, and an emergency stop could prove fatal on icy roads.
  • Clean your bike. Road salt can corrode your bike. Use wax to clean off salted areas.

Riding a motorcycle during winter is not optimal, but it is possible. Use your best judgment, ride a little slower and keep an extra eye out for drivers who might not see you. If someone injures you in a motorcycle accident, we might be able to help your recovery process. Call us at (866) 377-3800 to learn about your rights at no charge, or visit our website for more information about Denver motorcycle accidents.

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