Woman Arrested for Driving Wrong Way, Causing Six Accidents

Colorado Springs police officers believe that alcohol was a factor in a series of accidents caused by a woman driving the wrong way on I-25.

Police received a call about a car going north on the southbound roads around 2pm. According to the accident report, she caused one head-on accident and continued on her way. One car swerved to avoid the woman’s car, crashing into a semi-truck in the process. The woman than hit a Walsenburg Police vehicle and at least two other cars before finally coming to a stop. She and another driver received medical treatment for injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that wrong way driving causes 1.5 percent of fatal car accidents each year. On average, close to 350 people die every year because someone was driving the wrong way on the interstate. NHTSA says that most of these drivers start driving the right way, make a U-turn and begin driving the wrong way.

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