Woman Dies in Colorado Hit and Run Accident

According to Denver’s ABC 7, police discovered the victim of a hit and run near Kenton Street and East 4th Way around 10:20 p.m. on December 2. The female victim was barely alive upon discovery. Police summoned emergency crews to take her to the hospital, but she died en route. The victim’s neighbors were visibly upset about the fatal accident.

One neighbor discovered the woman’s body after returning from work. “It’s real sad,” he stated, “[I] tried to comfort her.” Another neighbor hopes that publicity will help identify the perpetrator. “We really need to let people know the condition this poor girl was in…Maybe somebody will have a heart and come step forward and tell somebody if they saw anything, or know anything. I hope they catch the person who did this.”

Unfortunately, police investigations have not yielded any suspects or witnesses. Police have not found any visible artifacts of excessive speed such as skid marks; however, neighbors say it comes with the territory. Despite the 25 mile an hour speed limit, the street is infamous for reckless driving. The second neighbor continued to say “Slow down! We have kids on this street. My dog was killed here, now it’s a human being.”

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[Did You Know: Out of every 100 car accidents, roughly 11 of them will be hit and runs.]

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