Woman Hit By Light Rail Wakes From Coma

Laura Triem, the young woman hit by the Denver Light Rail last month, has awoken from her coma.

On her way to work at the Cheesecake Factory, Triem had been listening to her headphones and waiting for the train to pass. Not realizing that another was right behind, she stepped out directly into the path of a second train.

The impact with the train caused severe trauma to her head, broke a rib, fractured her pelvis, collarbone and spine. Emergency crews rushed her to Denver Health, where surgeons had to remove a portion of the right side of her skull because her brain was swelling. A few days later pressure on her brain stem required the removal of a left side portion of her skull.

It took 13 days for Triem to wake up from her coma. So far she has been able to give thumbs up to medical workers, move her feet, track with her eyes, recognize family members in pictures, make subtle facial expression and squeeze hands.

An online donation page has been set up by Triem’s friends to help cover the cost of her medical bills, which could exceed $1 million.

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