Woman Hits Pole While Checking Phone

A woman in Jackman, Maine hit a utility pole head-on after drifting across the road while checking her cell phone.

Distracted driving has become a major issue in recent years as increasing numbers of people rely on cell phones for everything from phone calls to emails. The more communication options at our fingertips, the more temptation we have to check in at inappropriate times. Statistics are demonstrating just how dangerous it is to put your attention on your phone instead of the road.

Nancy Minard, 62, was trying to retrieve information from her cell phone, according to police, when she drifted across the oncoming lane of Route 15 and hit a utility pole. Someone driving by saw her 2000 blue Chrysler and stopped to take her to the Jackman Region Health Center. Minard suffered minor injuries.

The crash shut down Route 15 for around an hour while Central Maine Power Co. replaced the broken pole. Minard’s vehicle was destroyed in the auto accident.

The district attorney’s office will be reviewing the crash to determine if charges will be filed against the driver.

It is a lucky thing that Minard only hit a utility pole instead of an oncoming vehicle, pedestrian, or family pet. Distracted driving is dangerous, and it should be avoided at all costs.

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