Woman Killed by Flying Debris

Jeff and Cindy Burnett of Lyndon, Kansas were driving on the South Lawrence Trafficway when, a piece of metal debris crashed through the windshield killing Cindy. Jeff Burnett was not injured in the accident.

The Burnetts were on their way to visit their son when a piece of metal flew off the flatbed trailer of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. Police believe the metal debris is part of a backhoe.  Cindy Burnett leaves behind her husband Jeff, their son Joshua and their daughters Tina Love, Jessica Burnett and Christy Pennington. The Burnett children expressed anger and frustration at their loss and for their father’s as well.

According to daughter, Christy Pennington: “They were like one person. I mean, they were always together, they loved each other so much and I feel so horrible for him,”

Jeff and Cindy Burnett had just picked out a new home in Florida, where they were planning to retire, when the tragedy occurred.

The police are still looking for the driver of the other vehicle, which was described as a dark truck pulling a flatbed trailer approximately 16 feet long. The vehicle was carrying an old tractor or similar piece of heavy equipment.  The police believe the driver may not be aware that the metal fell off his vehicle, but they need to locate him to determine what happened.

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