Woman Killed in Three-Vehicle Accident on I-80

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Stephanie Gustafson of Carpenter, Wyoming was killed in a three-vehicle accident on the eastern edge of Cheyenne, according to K2TV in Casper. The accident, which happened just before 11 a.m., closed I-80 in both directions for about four hours. A tractor-trailer driven by James Black of Iowa slamming into a line of cars was the cause of the fatal car accident that claimed Gustafson’s life. The cars were lined up due to a slowdown that occurred because of an earlier accident that caused a fuel spill and blocked the westbound lanes of I-80.

There is no indication that Black braked before his tractor-trailer hit the last car in the line, causing it to go into the median, and then struck Gustafson’s car, which was the next to last car in the line. Black and the driver of the other car were injured, and Gustafson was pronounced dead at the scene. The results of the Highway Patrol’s investigation were turned over to the district attorney to decide if any criminal charges will be filed.

Will the evidence show that Stefanie Gustafson’s death came as a result of James Black’s negligence? Or a mechanical issue with the brakes on his truck? Only time will tell, but whatever the cause, those at fault need to be held accountable for Stephanie Gustafson’s death.

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[Tom’s Tips: Letting others merge into the lane ahead of you instead of shutting them out can reduce traffic accidents and road rage.]

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