Word to the Wise: Police Also Use Facebook

Many Facebook members post everything online to their fellow Facebook friends: where they are going, what they are doing and even what they are eating. Justin West, a 19-year-old motorcyclist from Yakima County, Washington, learned a reason why he should keep a few thoughts to himself. Police located West after he eluded a police car in order to give him citations for reckless driving and other infractions by using West’s own Facebook page.

According to the Los Angeles Times, West drove his off-road motorcycle illegally in a residential area. When Yakima County police attempted to pull him over, the biker quickly sped off. Later, the Sheriff’s Department received a tip that West bragged about ditching the cops on his Facebook page. One of the officers logged into his own Facebook account, looked up West and saw West’s posts about how he outran police on his motorcycle. Police showed up a West’s house with a search warrant, and the biker cooperated once he saw the printout of his Facebook posts. Though West was not involved in a motorcycle accident, his blatant disregard of traffic rules and police instruction could lead to a license suspension or jail time.

Deputy Chris Gray, who found West’s Facebook posts, recommends, “Intelligent use of media is suggested.” West should probably stick to posts about his macaroni and cheese recipe.

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