Workplace Falls

When you are working in a hazardous job, the potential for injury is always present. You are required to move quickly to get your job done, yet remain aware of all the dangers surrounding you. Falling is a danger present on a variety of work sites. The majority of workers are cautious when working at significant heights, but a fall can hurt you from heights far lower than you might expect.

The law in many areas protects workers exposed to a fall hazard of 10 feet or more. However, one study has indicated 10 percent of fatal falls occur at heights lower than 10 feet. If you imagine a worker on a short ladder four feet off the ground who falls and hits his head, it is easy to understand how someone can get hurt no matter from what height they fall.

Safety discussions tend to divide fall protection equipment into two broad categories. Fall prevention equipment, such as guardrails and coverings at floor openings, are designed to prevent falls. Fall arrest equipment, like a body harness with a lifeline or a net slung below a work area, is designed to save the worker if he falls.

If you suspect your work area has fall dangers that are not addressed using proper safety equipment or guidelines, discuss your concerns with your employer. Help everyone avoid an unnecessary industrial accident.

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