Would You Tour Colorado from a Side Car?

side car motorcycleThere’s a new touring company in Denver, and it claims to be the first tour company of its kind in the entire country. City on the Side is offering people a chance to tour Denver and parts of Colorado from the vantage of a sidecar. But will its services interest motorcycle tourists, or is it just too touristy for a rider’s tastes?

Will Touring Colorado from a Side Car Catch On?

The freedom of the open road is often the call that beckons people to become riders of motorcycles, but will that call bring tourists to Denver? City on the Side sure hopes so. This company offers to take passengers on a tour of Denver and points beyond from the side car of a Ural. This type of tour hasn’t been tried before here in North America, but what better a place to start than Colorado?

The company will take up to two passengers—one in the side car, one riding tandem—on a tour of Denver. These riders can choose to see the usual sights or a few requested stops in the hour-and-a-half option, or they can stick around for an even longer ride. The company’s four and eight-hour tours offer stops like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Golden and various mountain routes. They even stop for picnics, supplying sustenance with foodstuffs from Tony’s Market.

Other amenities provided on the tour include a plug in the sidecar—for phone charging- and an electric blanket if it becomes chilly. The tours also allow for customization, so you don’t feel like you are being herded from one place to the next.

Do you think this motorcycle tour will attract more visitors to our great state? Do you think this type of tour will attract more people to motorcycling? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. You can also keep following the motorcycling attorneys here at Metier Law Firm to learn more about all the great ways you can motorcycle around Colorado.

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