Can a Father Sue Grandparents Over His Son’s Wrongful Death?

A three-year-old Colorado boy drowned in a neighbor’s pool during a visit with his grandparents. The victim’s father has filed a wrongful death suit against the couple, alleging that their negligent supervision directly caused the boy’s death.

In July 2013, the boy’s family was visiting the grandparents before a relative was deployed to Afghanistan. According to reports, the boy unlocked the front door while the family slept and wandered into the neighbor’s pool.

He was found floating unresponsive in the water, and paramedics were unable to revive him. The boy’s father alleges that the grandparents were negligent, because they failed to keep their home secure and supervise the toddler, or they would have noticed when he left.

In a released email statement, the grandparents said they would be “haunted” by that day for the rest of their lives, but say the event was purely an accident:

“In hindsight, vision is always 20/20… [but] sometimes circumstances line up in ways that present tragic results.”

Trusting a friend or family member to care for your child is a big responsibility. Cases like this can be difficult because they involve family members, but they also involve the death of a little boy.

Child Injury Lawyer in Colorado

Children cannot make decisions and assess dangers like adults can, so caretakers must take special care to protect them. The death of an innocent child is always tragic, but it is even more so if an accident could have been avoided.

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