Are New Laws About to Affect Wyoming Workplace Accidents?

Workers around the country face the risk of severe injury or death because their employers do not do enough to ensure their safety. State lawmakers in Wyoming are taking matters a step further, and attempting to pass a bill that would add on to fines that already exist through federal legislation. With the proposed legislation, when a company has a workplace violation that ends in the death of an employee, it may be fined $50,000.

Presently, when a company has a workplace accident resulting in a severe injury or fatality, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has the option of opening an investigation and citing the company for violations. Lawmakers associated with the bill argue that Wyoming has a high rate of fatal workplace accidents, and that the penalty needs to be higher to deter bad behavior.

Wyoming’s rate of workplace accidents and fatalities is the second highest in country, and the average dollar amount for fines imposed on companies is $9,554.

What Current Standard is in Place for Workplace Injury Cases?

Currently, OSHA can investigate workplace injuries and deaths after they happen. Additional civil damages can be brought against an employer regardless of whether or not authorities in Wyoming, including OSHA, decide to levy fines. There is no additional cost for getting an attorney’s opinion if you have been injured, and the reward for doing so may include bringing careless people to justice.

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You can learn more about the proposed bill by visiting the Casper Star Tribune website.