Wyoming Accident Lawyers Discuss Fatal Motorcycle Accident Resulting from a Semi Truck Passing another Semi

One motorcyclist is dead as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by a tractor trailer hauling an oversized load that overtook another semi on April 6. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that just before 3:00 p.m., Kimber Hansen told the Wyoming Highway Patrol that another truck driver began passing him on Interstate 80 when he momentarily glanced at his mirrors to check the position of the other semi. As he looked back onto the road, it was too late to avoid hitting the motorcycle that was traveling ahead of him.

Hansen immediately applied his brakes, but the truck violently struck the back of the bike. The force of the impact caused both the rider, 68-year-old Donald Carriker, and his motorcycle to slide further across westbound I-80 and ultimately come to rest in the middle of the lanes.

Unfortunately, Carriker died at the scene from the severity of his injuries. Hansen and his passenger were unhurt. The driver of the rig that passed Hansen moments before the fatal motorcycle accident did not stop to assist. No charges or citations have been issued as of yet. But pending a thorough investigation into the accident, the Carbon County Attorney’s Office may choose to pursue legal action.

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[Tom’s Tips: Wind gusts while passing a semi can change the direction of your bike. To compensate, move to the farthest part away from the truck in your lane before passing.]

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