Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys Exmaine Zero Motorcycles’s Innovative App

Zero Motorcycles is known for the pushing the boundaries of motorcycle technology. The Santa Cruz-based company is pioneering the electric motorcycle trend, and now it hopes to combine smartphone technology with motorcycle performance. The new app, available for free in the Apple and Google play app stores, allows riders to view riding statistics and control certain elements of the bike’s performance.

When the bike is in use, the app uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the bike and bring up a dashboard of the bike’s mechanics. Riders can adjust the bike’s torque, drivetrain component temperature, battery amp, percentage stage of change and other components. While the bike is parked, riders can review its history and discover how much fuel they are saving by riding an electric bike instead of a traditional model.

“Not only is it fun, it also results in a riding experience that is truly customized to meet the unique needs of every individual,” said Zero Motorcycles marketing VP Scot Harden.

Touchscreen Technology: Impressive, but Risky

We appreciate Zero’s innovation, especially the way they connect smartphones with motorcycles, but we worry about some unintended consequences. When you use a smart phone while operating a vehicle for any reason, it takes your eyes off the road, increasing the chances of a serious motorcycle crash. Research from Monash University says that drivers who use electronic devices quadruple the risk of a serious accident.

If a distracted driver injured you or killed a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultations. Call (866) 377-3800, and we can inform you of your legal options are.

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[Tom’s Tips: Cell phones reduce your driving attention by 37 percent (Carnegie Melon). Save the call or text for later.]

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