Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys Reviews Recent Investigation of Possible Hit-And-Run

A man from Colorado Springs lost control while riding his motorcycle early morning on March 3. Both his bike and body were violently propelled and came to rest along southbound Interstate 25 near North Academy Boulevard.

However, KRDO-TV has reported that a car came through the area after the motorcycle accident and drove across the legs of the rider. The driver of the vehicle continued along I-25 without stopping to assist or inspect what they had hit. Authorities believe that the driver may have thought that they had only hit roadway debris from the crash and not the accident victim. The rider was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital with catastrophic injuries. There was no information regarding his current condition.

We urge you to reach out to Colorado State Patrol at (719) 544-2424 if you witnessed this crash. We also encourage everybody to report debris seen on the roads to help keep our roadways clear for both riders and drivers. You never know when you could be saving someone’s life.

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