Wyoming and Colorado Accident Lawyers Examine Motorcycle Safety Bill

Close to 1,500 Texas bikers rallied in Austin on Monday, January 28 to support a piece of legislation that would promote motorcycle safety. Most of them were members of the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association (TMRA) and the Coalition of Independent Riders. A spokesperson for the state government said that the groups typically make an annual appearance to encourage lawmakers to support motorcyclists’ rights, but this new motorcycle safety bill bolsters their cause.

On Monday, they were supporting the Motorcycle Crash Prevention Act. If passed, the state would:

  • Expand the “Share the Road” program, which promotes motorcycle awareness through public service ads
  • Increase funding for motorcycle training programs and reduce the cost to enroll in training programs
  • Create more training and certifications for three-wheeled motorcycles
  • Provide funding for advancement in motorcycle technologies

The event occurred during “Legislative Weekend,” which holds seminars and workshops to educate riders about laws that affect them and how they can push for laws that support their rights.

We are glad to see motorcycle groups take such an active role in the legislation that directly affects them. From motorcycle helmet laws to checkpoint laws to license certification and testing, there are many laws that specifically affect motorcycle riders. We encourage all riders to monitor their representatives’ actions on laws that affect bikers.

If passed, we hope the law helps to bring an extra degree of awareness and safety to the road in terms of motorcycle riders. If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident or sustained a catastrophic injury, we may be able to help you seek compensation from a negligent driver. Call (866) 377-3800 now to schedule a free consultation.

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