Wyoming Area High School Continues Support for Crash Victim’s Family

In May of 2011, Matt Chipolis, a Wyoming Area High School student, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Kingson Township. Since then, the high school has worked diligently to offer support to his grieving family.

Chipolis was a popular student and football player at Wyoming Area, who also donated his time to the West Pittston Rams junior football association.

On Saturday, June 5th, 2011 the communities he served gave back with a charity volleyball tournament at the Wyoming Area High School gym in Exeter.

Wyoming Area students, faculty and staff all participated in the tournament as well as Matt’s father, Steve Chipolis.

“If there are any scouts out there, I hope they give me a look,” he said.

The proceeds from the tournament go to help the Chipolis’ pay for Matt’s funeral expenses. This tournament comes on the tail of a memorial service held on the Wyoming Area football field just hours after Matt’s death in May.

“This whole community has been really outstanding the way they helped us through this,” said Steve Chipolis.

“I guess this truly is the valley with a heart. I can’t say enough about how you helped us through this. Thank you,”

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