Yamaha to Make and Sell World’s Cheapest Motorcycle

In a couple of years, you may begin seeing an abundance of motorcycle riders with Yamahas on the streets of India. The Business Standard reported that the Japanese company recently opened its fifth research and development (R&D) center in India, calling the site the Yamaha Motor Research and Development India (YMRI). Other such R&D locations can be found throughout the world, but the company’s strategy in opening an R&D center in India was to take advantage of the growth of popularity motorcycles have had in that region of the world.

Second only to China’s motorcycle sales, Yamaha senior general manager of the engineering section Yuh Motoyama described the new location in India as necessary for the growth of the company in new motorcycle markets. “The vendor base in India is strong and cost-competitive and the potential to source parts from here for our operations globally is very promising,” Motoyama said. “While platforms would continue to be made in Japan, YMRI will modify them to create low-cost products for the domestic market.”

Motorcycle Maintenance and Safety

At around $500 for a 100cc bike, the motorcycle will be introduced in India first, then Africa and possibly some countries in the Americas. However, at $500 a bike, would this be well made and safe enough for use on our nation’s roads? While riders everywhere know how difficult it can sometimes be to navigate the already crowded highways and interstates, these cheaper-made bikes may not be as safe to ride. This is possibly a reason why the bike may not be released in the United States until it is tested in other environments—if it is released at all for sale in America.

Our Colorado injury lawyers caution that the condition your bike is kept in and the care you take in maintaining it helps ensure that you are able to maneuver your bike to the best of its ability. All bikers know that the seconds preceding a motorcycle accident can make all the difference when put in a life or death situation, and if your bike is not up to the challenge, then it is the rider who suffers.

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