Why Are Young Female Athletes More Susceptible to Concussions Than Men?

susceptible to concussionsResearch that was presented in a 2017 meeting for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons found that overall concussion rates have increased amongst high school athletes, and that female soccer players have the highest risk of concussion, even more than football payers. This could be due to lack of concussion prevention programs, and not having protective head gear in a sport that requires heading the ball.

Many high school athletes get injured, and it is the responsibility of the parent’s insurance plan to cover the child’s injuries. Insurance companies often try to offer the minimum amount of coverage and don’t consider that injuries may cause pain and suffering for many years after the injury. However, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit to gain coverage for your child’s injuries if there was negligence involved.

Why Should You Sue for a High School Sports Injury?

  • Inadequate supervision: A sports coach allowing kids to hit each other without helmets, or not addressing injuries would be examples of inadequate supervision.
  • Faulty or unsafe sports equipment: If a school or organization allowed players to use unsafe or faulty equipment, a case could be made against them.
  • Poorly maintained facilities: Parties are held responsible for keeping a safe and maintained environment for sports competition.
  • Malicious act from another player: If an injury was the result of a malicious act from a competing player, a personal injury lawsuit could be pursued if the act was outside of the realm of legal sports-related activities.

Many injuries are simply the result of playing competitive sports, which are not grounds for a lawsuit. However, if there is negligence involved by another party, a lawyer will have the resources to prove negligence and get the coverage you need for recovery. In many cases, a personal injury lawyer can offer more than an insurance company is initially willing to provide.

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