Zombies Fill The Streets Of Casper To Raise Brain Injury Awareness

The Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming filled the streets of Casper with brain-eating zombies September 3 in an attempt to raise awareness about brain injury among young people. According to Larry Plemmons, a psychiatrist and chairman of the alliance’s board of directors, teens and young 20-somethings are the group in which brain injuries most often occur.

Their attempt was successful, with roughly double the turnout from last year’s non-zombie themed event. Ms. Wyoming High even came out, wearing her sash and walking the mile-long route with a gaping neck wound.

The Alliance is a non-profit that works to prevent brain injuries and provides support for survivors of those injuries and their families.

According to the Alliance, several million people each year suffer concussions, traumatic head injuries, or other injuries that can damage the brain. They are even working to raise awareness of prison brain injuries, where national medical studies have found that 77 percent of people in prison suffer from some sort of brain injury.

Zombies seem appropriate, when most people seem to be afraid of becoming just that in the event of a traumatic brain injury. Education and prevention are key components in the fight to lessen the amount of Americans exposed to such a life-altering trauma.

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