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“I just felt like I had, not just an attorney, but I had a friend. I had somebody that was there that was really wanting, you know, to help us. That’s a good feelings after having, prior to that, almost helpless, like overwhelmed and helpless.”

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lawfirmWhen he was in college, our Senior Partner, Tom Metier, was riding his motorcycle 55 mph when a car pulled out in front of him causing a terrible accident. He didn’t have anybody in his community to help him recover, help him find the right doctors, or help him get to his appointments. Unable to work, Tom struggled to make ends meet instead of focusing on his recovery and like most people, he didn’t consult an attorney or consider filing a lawsuit. After weeks of feeling helpless and alone, Tom began reflecting on his accident and the desolation he felt afterwards. He couldn’t change what happened to him after the accident, but he could stop it from happening to others. Tom built a law firm devoted to personal injury litigation that not only would fight for victim’s rights, but would be a place where injured, overwhelmed people can find Comfort, Safety and Strength™. For the last 17 years, he has surrounded himself with a talented team of trial attorneys, adept paralegals, medical and forensic experts, all with the same passion and determination for helping injured people. Some of our clients want to be made financially whole again quickly after an accident and need a strong law firm to settle their case. While we’re happy to provide that, it isn’t the full story of what we do. For seriously injured people, we look beyond financial restitution for injuries, medical bills and lost wages. You’re more than a case or a client to us; you’re a person that needs our help to tell your story. We want to get to know you and your family. We’ll look at your work dynamics and how the physical injuries and any psychological consequences will impact the rest of your life. We will make a plan for your future to help you get the resources you need like medical care, rehabilitation, assisted living, access to specialists and anything else to help you and your family heal and find happiness again. Beyond telling your story, we’re here to fight for you and your family.

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