Accident Attorneys Discuss Proposed Alabama Motorcycle License Bill

Alabama is the only state in which anyone 16 and older with a driver’s license can also operate a motorcycle. Every other state requires a motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on a regular driver’s license. The Alabama Media Group reported that the state Senate passed a bill in February that would require all riders to pass a motorcycle knowledge test in order to gain a Class M distinction on their license. The Senate amended the original bill to limit the testing requirement to individuals under the age of 19, and the bill is now pending in the House of Representatives.

Captain Guy Rush, chief examiner of the Driver License Division for the Alabama Department of Public Safety, said that the oversight that caused the state’s motorcycle license requirement lapse occurred in the 1990s. Rush and the DPS fully support the bill to remedy this mistake.

“The bottom line is just strictly nothing else but we’re trying to save a life,” said the House sponsor of the bill, Representative Allen Farley. “A motorcycle is a lot of fun, but when you’re talking about putting a motorcycle on the highways today, as congested as they are, it automatically becomes something that’s not just fun, it becomes something that can be deadly.”

Farley told the Media Group that he would also like to see a skills test be a requirement to gain a Class M endorsement in Alabama.

Safety while on the road is the number one priority for riders around the nation. With warmer weather around the corner, motorcyclists will begin to remove the covers off their bikes and take to the roads. It is important to remember to ride defensively and protect yourself at all costs. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, remember that is also important to protect your legal rights. Contact our Colorado accident lawyers as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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